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We provide independent insight into the fleet market; supporting tactical and strategic direction on meeting the demands of a rapidly changing market.

Sewells supports business and market decision-making across all leading automotive manufacturers, leasing and finance companies, car rental providers, franchise dealer groups, fast-fit companies, tyre companies and Industry trade associations like the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

Our products and services fall into three broad categories: Industry Reports, Syndicated Tools and Bespoke Services.

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Fleet: Operator

Syndicated market tools

Essential industry knowledge to inform sound decision-making and strategic planning

Latest Syndicated market tools reports

Fleet Market Barometer 2017

The Fleet Market Barometer identifies growth trends within distinct fleet operator groups to determine market health and prioritise opportunities for suppliers to the fleet industry.

Fleet: Operator

The Fleet Operator Attitude Survey provides a comparative measure of manufacturer brand satisfaction in the fleet sector to facilitate Independent benchmarking of customer satisfaction and gauge future growth prospects.

Sewells SME Report

Industry reports

Based on our market knowledge and access to leading industry decision makers, we use primary research and access to industry influencers to shape our market knowledge of these segments

Latest Industry reports reports

Fleet Market Report 2017

The Sewells Fleet Market Report provides the most comprehensive analysis of the UK fleet market for more than a decade – identifying market performance, future challenges and delivers in depth analysis of key trends.

SME Fleet Market Dynamics

SME Fleet Market Dynamics

A ground-breaking series of in-depth reports on the largely unmapped small business sector establishing the size, characteristics and future evolution of the small and medium sized company car and business van parc.

Bespoke Research

Bespoke Services

Our bespoke research solutions deliver unique insights to assist with your most pressing business needs, enabling you to make informed decisions in critical areas that drive your business forward.

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