Fleet: Driver

Sewells have been conducting in-depth research into this premium segment of the company car market for more than six years.


The key objectives of this ongoing research project are to map out the customer journey to order a new car, including information needs, evaluation process and the relative importance of product attributes and understand key decision-making triggers around the selection process.


This annually updated driver survey delivers independent insight into the varied, nuanced and often rapidly changing trends that influence user-choosers’ choice of company car.


Sewells’ User-Chooser Barometer tracks and measures the impact of brand influence, car selection experience, product satisfaction and information sources on the car buying decision.

Key measures include:


  • Brand health including awareness, brand affinity and brand consideration based on current car driven and fleet characteristics
  • Factors influencing the buying decision, i.e. environment, family, company policy
  • Information sources and digital usage
  • Measurement of selection touch points including website, brochure, test drive and dealer


The most recent update to the User Chooser Barometer has highlighted important new trends such as a strong increase in demand for hybrid company cars to reduce benefit in kind tax.


The User Chooser Barometer is considered a vital tool by both car manufacturers and dealers in gauging the strength of their brands and effectiveness of their CRM in winning and retaining fleet sales in the premium segment.


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